Regional Natural Park

Province of Rome

Surface area
14.984 ha
Year of establishment
Municipalities involved in the Lazio Region
Campagnano di Roma, Castel Nuovo di Porto, Formello, Magliano Romano, Mazzano Romano, Morlupo, Riano, Roma (Municipio XX), Sacrofano
Park authority
Ente Parco
Park headquarters
Via F. Cavallotti, 18
00063 Campagnano di Roma

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By car
From the North: A1 motorway; Fiano Romano exit. Follow road signs to Capena and then Morlupo.
From the South: GRA (Rome ring-road), exit 6 (Via Flaminia), exit 3 (Via Cassia) or exit 5 (Via Cassia Veientana). All three roads cross the park.
By train
The park can be reached from the Piazzale Flaminio station, Roma Nord line to Civita Castellana-Viterbo; or metropolitan railway San Pietro La Storta, La Giustiniana, Castelluccia and La Storta stations
Piazzale Flaminio- Prima Porta railway line and Rome-Viterbo FM3 line; stops in Due Ponti, Grottarossa, Saxa Rubra, Prima Porta, Montebello, Riano, Sacrofano, Castelnuovo di Porto and Morlupo
By bus
COTRAL Lepanto terminus, various buses goalong the Via Cassia and Via Flaminia; Saxa Rubra terminus, buses go along the Via Flaminia and Via Cassia bis.

Tourist Office
Mazzano Romano - Piazza Giovanni XXIII
Tel. 069049592
Sacrofano - Piazza Mercato, 1

Bounded by the consular roads of the Via Cassia to the west, the Via Flaminia to the east and the Via Campagnanese to the north, the Park of Veio has a landscape typical of the Rome campagna with large tufaceous tablelands (resulting from the ancient volcanic activity of the Sabatino Volcano), interrupted by deep ditches and valleys. The presence of thermal springs bears witness to the former vulcanic activity.

The vegetation is very varied. It is possible to find mixed deciduous woods (downy oak, Turkey-oak, bay- oak, maple), Mediterranean macchia (holm-oak, cistus , strawberry tree) and evergreen oak woods.

145 species of animals have been counted in the park, some of which extremely rare. The bird population includes many species of nesting and migratory birds - birds of prey in particular, such as the black kite, buzzard and kestrel. Among the Mammals are porcupines, badgers, wild boars and foxes. Amphibians and reptiles include newts, green and Greek frogs, turtles, four-lined rat snake and Aesculapian snakes.

The area contains very important remains of the Etruscan culture and civilization. In fact, the powerful Etruscan town of Veii was located here, of which important ruins remain, like one of the town gates, Porta Ponte Sodo (5th century BC). There are also many tombs, including the Tomb of the Ducks (7th century BC.), Italy's oldest painted tomb.
Dating to the same period is the Temple of Apollo (7th century BC). Dating to the Roman period are the Villa of Livia, near Prima Porta (first century BC); the Villa of Lucius Verus near the Tomb of Nero (8 km along the Via Cassia); the Villa of Casale Ghella (11km along the Via Cassia) and the Celsa (12.7 km along the Via Flaminia Vecchia), Nasoni and Fadilla tombs (AD 100 ).
Of remarkable artistic value are the castle and village of Isola Farnese (9th-11th century BC), the Sanctuary of Sorbo (15th century), the Mola Paradisi (millstone) ( 16th century.), Casale of Malborghetto (19.2 km along the Via Flaminia).

Campagnano di Roma
First Sunday after January 17th: S. Antonio Abate's Day
Last Sunday of April or first Sunday of May: Festa del Baccanale
Traditional feast with wine tasting and artichokes baked in the embers of vine shoots.
25 April: St Mark's Day
29 August: SS. Giovanni and Celestino's Day
Castelnuovo di Porto
First Sunday after 17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
Second Sunday after 17 January: St Sebastian's Day
First weekend of September: S. Antonino's Day
Third Sunday of October: "Polenta" Fair
17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
First Tuesday after Easter: S. Maria del Sorbo's Day
9-11 August: SS. Lorenzo and Prudenzio's Day
October: Wine Festival
Dicembre: Olive Oil Festival
Magliano Romano
17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
Month of April: Sheep Fair
4th Sunday of June: SS. Giovanni and Prundenziana's Day
4th Sunday of October: Christ the King - "Raspellone" Fair (raspellone is a kind of sweet)
Mazzano Romano
First Sunday after 17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
May 1st: SS. Philip and James' Day
First Sunday of September: St Nicholas' Day - Sagra della Bruschetta e della Salsiccia (toasted bread and sausages)
14-16 August: Feast of the Assumption
22-24 October: Sausage fair
17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
Last weekend of June and first days of July: S. Giorgio's Day
First Sunday of September: Fig fair
8 December: "Pangiallo" fair
First Sunday after 17 January: S. Antonio Abate's Day
3 February: S. Biagio's Day
Third Sunday of June: SS. Biagio and Geminiano's Day. Shows, concerts and sport competitions (including a spectacular race of thoroughbreds )
First Sunday of October: Madonna del Rosario's Day
6 December: St Nicholas' of Bari's Day

Reservations for guided tours
Tel. 069042774 or fax 06.90154548 from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m -5 p.m.; Friday 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Riding stables
C.P.R. Quarterhorses
Via della Vaccareccia
Tel. 069075336
Circolo Ippico Sacrofano Via Monte Cucco
Tel. 069071672
B. & B. Farm
Via Cassia, km 21,250
Tel. 0630880319
F. loc. Pineto - Tel. 069084374
B. Via Pineto - Tel. 069084311

"Acquacotta" (soup with vegetables and toasted bread), "tozzetti" (hard biscuits with hazelnuts), walnut liqueur.


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